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Nakiti Generations

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It’s the year 2120 and short range space travel around the Earth has become a possibility bringing the start of orbital stations becoming homes to many, the space station HORIZON being the largest and most visited.

In Nakiti Generations you play as a heroine who has been caught in a huge disaster that brings you crashing down back to Earth, are you the only survivor?

  • Smooth controlling gameplay and visuals
  • A Large open world to explore with many secrets
  • Multiple exciting unlockable skills to discover
  • Lots of collectables to hunt down as you explore
  • Different game types to keep you coming back for more including scrambled item locations, speedrun and arcade modes. (coming with version 1.1)

Nakiti Generations is an open world action adventure game also known as a ‘Metroidvania’.

You start with little or no skills and gain more powers as you explore the world, this means there can be forks in the path as you progress to the end making everyone have their own unique adventure.

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Nakiti Generations

2D action adventure game set in the far future on a mysterious abandoned planet with yourself as the only survivor.

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