The game takes place near a small village called Nasway, which is attacked every day by monsters.
Our heroes, namely: Troll, Big Pepe, Bruce Lee, Warrior, save the village from various monsters. Even animals at this time begin to behave inadequately and attack all those who fell on their way.

About Characters:

During the game, you can freely switch to one of four characters, each of which is unique:

►Troll – a fully balanced character, is ill with autism in severe form (this is often found on the Internet):
Attack – medium;
Attack speed – medium;
Speed ​​of movement – medium;

►Big Pepe – the king of all the toads, the absolute king, though a bit fat, but this does not prevent him from cut all indiscriminately:
Attack – very high;
Attack speed – very low;
The travel speed – very low.

►Bruse Dee – a great master of martial arts, his strokes are so fast that the enemy does not have time to feel pain. Idol of millions of bearded mans and small boys:
Attack – low;
Attack speed – high;
Speed ​​of movement – high;

►Warrior – an old man.No more. Nothing else stands out. NOTHING. Because of his chest, he looks a bit like an old woman with axes:
Attack – medium;
Attack speed – medium;
The speed of movement – lower than average, but higher than low.

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The game is a timekiller-slasher with a view from above. You have to kill monsters and distraught predatory animals until they become too much. With every second the spawn of monsters is reduced. Do not let them exceed the limit, otherwise you will be defeated.

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