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NCradle: An 80s Synth Adventure

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NCradle is a 1980’s take on puzzle/timing games

You are Dietrich, the year is 1985, the soundtrack is filled with synths.

Tsuki is your contact, your mole on the inside. Can you discover what’s motivated her to betray her employer?

Hack into the mysterious Newton Corp, learn what their research entails, and escape with your prize.

Turn off the lights, throw on your shades, access the Grid.

Over 50 puzzles will test your logic and timing as you make your way deeper into Newton Corp.

Evade firewalls, misuse infrastructure, delve into the Corporation’s network to discover technology never before seen, and find out why Tsuki is turning on her employer to steal it.

Featuring a hand selected synth and 80’s soundtrack, including tracks from producers Chan Walrus, Trial and Error, and More

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NCradle: An 80s Synth Adventure

Hack into Newton Corporation, evade their firewalls, discover their research, and escape with your prize!

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