One day the virus spread.

Everyone is infected with this airborne infection. Society quickly collapsed, most people could not avoid death, and only a few survived. And some of the dead have been revived with their lost memory and reason.

The hero wakes up with amnesia. In cities and suburbs, we must overcome hunger and despair and regain memories.

The near escape can explore the wide fields and many buildings and see the sunrise, rain and fog in real time. You can deduce time through shadows and rely on a flashlight at night. When it rains, health recovery slows down.

Be careful with your footsteps and gunshots. Zombies are sensitive to sound.

Game Features
– Game and voxel graphics at quarter view.
– An interesting story line (6-7 hours of play time).
– Large outdoor areas and accessible buildings.
– Real time day / night change and weather change.
– 30 or more types of melee weapons and firearms, more than 20 kinds of outfits.
– Find the remedies and foods you need to survive.
– No additional payment for all content.

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It is an adventure game that searches for lost memories in the destroyed city.

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