We are glad to see you again in the world of Neo
Now you need to shoot the cubes until they disappear.
Do not forget that here is not 1 row.
Use the bonus to look through the eyes of the ball and choose the correct trajectory.
Direct the neoshar with a beam and throw it straight at the target. Kill the cubes one by one and score points.
To destroy a cube you need hit into it as many times as it written on the cube.
Each glowing ball that you collect will add to your collection 1 extra ball.
Make it so that the maximum number of balls hit into cubes.
Do not forget, if the cube reach the bottom then you lose.
Put your record!

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If you are tired and have a bad mood, forget about everything, turn on the brain and play. This game is for you! Destroy the cubes with the help of the neoshar. Throw the ball right at the target and score points. Put your record!

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