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Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball

Steam Video Games Windows

This is a very fun action and challenging strategy game in which you have to calculate your moves well to get to the end of the track.
Each time you play this game, you become better and can finish the track in less movement than before.

If you like challenging games and mini-golf games, this is certainly for you!

The commands are very simple, only the mouse is used and anyone can play easily. You need to click, drag, aim and release.

Be careful because some wrong movements can make you back on the way and this end up spending more moves to finish the course.

The game is recommended to everyone, there is no violence in this game, but some people may not know how to deal well with the frustration of falling from the roof of a house or even can not get into a car due to a window that is closing and opening quickly =) .

The gameplay time can vary according to the abilities of each person in rolling a golf ball.

There is a world ranking with the 10 players that finish the game in less movement. This ranking is monthly, so each month it is reset and new people have the opportunity to have their names placed in the ranking.

Nicky is a little golf ball that needs your help finding the way back home. The game is set in several places, which pass from the interior of a house, to energy wires and abandoned places.

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Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball

A poor and home alone golf ball needs your help to get your goal - to find his home ( a hole in a golf track ) in less movements as possible.
Nicky moves only with mouse, you just need to drag, look at some point and release.
The game is funny and challenging!

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