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No Truce With The Furies

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"At once a re-invention and a return to the roots of the RPG genre."

"With a captivating isometric aesthetic, that channels nostalgia in a good way, it has a killer look to match an off-beat premise."
Kotaku UK

"There are so many fresh ideas in the writing, systems, and artwork here that when the creators say “The role playing game is an emergent art form – and we’re set to light it on fire,” you can believe them. It seems like a lot to pull off, but heck, I reckon they can do it."
Kill Screen

About the Game

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NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES is a detective RPG in an original “fantastic realist” setting, with swords, guns and motor-cars. And the shadow of love lost.

Wake up as a disgraced detective lieutenant. Put on your disco pants. Explore the gorgeously rendered seaside city of Revachol. Or wander the inside of your own head, talking to your senses, doubts and memories. 24 skills are at your command. Everything you do and say — even the smallest of details — has consequences.


  • A new “story combat” system where encounters are part of the story, handled in dialogue.
  • Deep character customization with a focus on psychological skills.
  • An inventory where you can mix and match clothes for their social effects.
  • Another inventory — for your thoughts — called Thought Cabinet.
  • A reasonably sized open world for you to approach at your own leisure.
  • A substance abuse system called Electrochemistry: quaff speed and alcohol mid dialogue!
  • An original score by the rock’n’roll band British Sea Power

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No Truce With The Furies

Isometric RPG meets cop-show. You are a police detective in the city of Revachol. Solve a huge open ended case, or get lost exploring the city. Good cop, bad cop, fascist cop, socialist revolutionary cop, criminal mastermind disguised as a cop – you can play any kind of cop you want.

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