You Have to Die Before You Can be Reborn. A nowhere man Kirihara Shiro surprises himself by becoming a probationer in a popular magazine. Is this the rebirth?

About This Game
This is an independent pixel game with a great story. Taking the 13th Minstory Game Production Competition organized by forum as an opportunity, the author spent one month creating this rebirth-themed game (to celebrate the nirvana of the forum). Instead of the traditional RM characters, the author designed original 6-frame & 4-body proportion characters for this game and drew the characters in waiting status and all kinds of event status, which is new and refreshing.

Story Design
The players will play the decadent man Kirihara Shiro who rarely leaves home. He is unsociable and not very talkative. He has been muddling along without any aim. But a streak of light appears in the darkness. The players will set forth from the perspective of Kirihara Shiro and get the game going to explore the hidden secrets.

Game Concept
Existence is a very important concept in the game, which directly affects where the game moves forward, and all NPCs’ conversations and responses as well. If the existence is lower than a certain value, Kirihara Shiro’s existence will be weakened. People around will ignore him and he will become visually transparent. When the existence is 0, then the game is over.

Game Ending
The game has three endings which can not change the game result. Only with the true end, can the player learn about the whole story. Good Luck!

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This is a story of a stronger pixel game. The sense of existence is a very important concept in the game, which will directly affect the direction of the game and the dialogue content and reaction of each NPC. Only True end can learn the whole story of the event.Good luck!

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