Ronny Nose needs your help finding his stinking face! This physics-based, 2D platformer will leave you laughing and crying! With challenging levels, hilarious story, satisfying gameplay mechanics, and advanced "mid-air sneeze controls" Nose Goes will require precision timing, patience, and balance. Only the most skilled of players can finish a level flawlessly!

• Physics based controls allow precise movement to navigate obstacles
• Power ups, snot rockets, extra lives
• Level completion and rewards system
• Challenging obstacles with complex level design
• Risk vs. reward, split second decisions
• Master correct timing, balance, and correct sneeze technique to travel safely & unlock rewards
• Beautiful graphics
• Like the 2D Side-Scrolling Platformers of old
• Updates with new levels and features on the way!
• New trailer and UI in the works as well!

The community will decide the outcome of the final game. Does it need more enemies? Have an idea for a new level? Is it too hard? Every suggestion will be taken into consideration, and the players will shape and mold the game throughout development.

I grew up in the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis era – an era where every gaming experience was new, different, and full of discovery.  Games were challenging and so darn fun you didn’t mind replaying the same level over and over again all day.

We’re bringing that feeling back!

The goal of this game is to give you a whiff of that nostalgic experience many of us felt  years and years ago. Instead of running around aimlessly killing everything you see, the challenge in Nose Goes comes from the unique level design and complex control mechanics that took 4 years to develop!

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Nose Goes

Help Ronny Nose get back to his Stinking Face in this Hilarious Throwback 2D Platforming Adventure! Let us bring you back to the nostalgia of challenging Golden-Age platforming games.

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