In this game you have to explore new lands, flying from one planet to another.
Avoid spaceships, destroy enemies, complete missions and get achievments!

"Sooner or later, our life will have to go beyond this blue-
green ball – or we will die out "- once said Elon Musk, founder
SpaceX. All of us are committed beyond the known, and the most spectacular and unknown
– This space!
Game "Now Man Fliest" clearly show what only dreamed and built
the assumption by many generations of researchers. For the "Now Man Flies" – a journey in
the impenetrable darkness of space, almost touch, from planet to planet. it
fierce battle with the ruthless space pirates – for the loser
will remain in the empty space debris iron trash. This meteor shower –
and only the captain’s steady hand on the remote control will be able to hold the ship between
meteorites. If you’ve always wanted to feel like a brave hero,
leading his ship to a distant satellite with an important mission, "Now Man Flies" – is
what do you need!

←: Turn Left
→: Turn right
space: Use booster

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Now Man Flies

Travel on an intergalactic highway in search of new planets!

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