Obscure Realm is an Arcade Shoot-em Up about a little blue thing named Toast. The game is a simple game meant for casual gaming and fun with a dash of hard. Toast soon comes to realize that this world was harder than the last and his only goal is to escape by any means possible. Everything is able to kill you but you are determined to finish. Why? Only you can decide that. It’s a quick game or a long game depending on how skilled you are at shooting enemies and learning. It could take 10 Minutes to 4 Hours. Your goal is just to finish the game and get to the final room where you need to do one last task to win, pretty simple right?

Whats Coming?

A lot will be coming in the near future to Obscure Realm. Some of these things will be the following:

  • Multiplayer: A Deathmatch mode that will be something along the lines of Spelunky’s Deathmatch Mode will be added to the game soon starting off with 3 different maps for battling your mates as well as a fully working lobby,
  • 100 Levels of Love: 100 Levels in total will be in the game come launch and there will a new level every week to the best of my ability.
  • More Obvious Story: Right now the story is just finding different areas and looking at it like a work of art. That should change soon with a fully fleshed out story of some kind.

    Key Features

    • A Colourful world – Most Everything has been set to be a vibrant mess of colours!
    • Hard Difficulty – Good luck getting through these levels, they have been carefully crafted for those willing to take a risk and have so adrenaline in there life!
    • Quick Casual Game – A Game you can (for now) knock out in a minimum of 20 minutes… or it could take you 3 hours

Latest News

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Obscure Realm

Obscure Realm, a game for arcade players and the ultimate to test and warm-up reaction times .
With lots of ways to finish, win, lose, die, gain health, cheat and so much more.

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