In Oldage you can prove yourself by fighting with other people online.
You chose from a number of different units to setup your strategy and best your opponent.
The game is turn based and doesn’t require a very good internet, making lag not an issue!
You can climb the ladder and earn multiple rewards!
There are currently 5 Ranks: Student Rank: 1000 elo or less, Scholar Rank: 1000 – 1400 elo, Senior Rank: 1400 – 1800 elo, Sovereign Rank: 1800 – 2200 elo, Scarlet Rank: 2200 elo or more.

And some prizes for a few of them: Senior Bishop, Sovereign Pikeman, Scarlet Royalty.

Also, the currently Top 10 Ranked players will be rewarded with coins every month!
In order: Rank 1: 500 coins, Rank 2: 400 coins, Rank 3: 300 coins, Rank 4: 250 coins, Rank 5: 200 coins, Rank 6: 150 coins, Rank 7: 100 coins, Rank 8: 100 coins, Rank 9: 100 coins, Rank 10: 100 coins. Prize-day is yet to be announced!

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Oldage is a free to play competitive turn based game inspired by chess

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