Omega One is an amazing take on the shoot em up genre.

The game will have a number of features:

In game features:
– Xp Leveling system – rank up your profile to unlock new ships and weapons.
– Wave system with boss battles to keep things interesting.
– Online Scoreboards.
– 360 movement – Turn/Strafe/reverse and boost your way in and out of battle.
– Split screen Vs mode.
– Offline practice mode.
– Online competitive mode.
– Many enemies and enemy types.
– Many different power-ups to keep you alive in battle.

Other features:
– Full controller support
– Steam achievements
– Steam trading cards

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Omega One

Omega One is one explosive and amazing take on the shoot em up genre. It will have a leveling and unlocking system, online leader boards , split screen vs mode , full controller support and much more.

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