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One Against The Galaxy

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The basics

How long can you survive if you are the only one fighting against the whole galaxy?

  • Arcade-style twin-stick shooter action;
  • Each phase brings a new type of enemy to make your life more miserable;
  • Collect bombs to clear a path for ultimate vengeance;
  • Survive as long as you can and, who knows?, maybe you can be the last one standing!

What you get

Fast-paced gameplay for those times when you only have a couple of minutes to play something and just want to shoot stuff up (and try not to get shot at!).

One Against The Galaxy was designed and developed by a single person, a game designer who decided to prove you can make a fun game with a low budget and if you focus in the right direction. Hi, that’s me!

Feedback is not only appreciated, but encouraged. This is not a "complete and done game". For the next few months I will update it with new balance, new enemies and new… well, almost anything you – the player – wishes to see in the game, as long as it is feasable considering the budget I have for this game. Which means: the more it sells, the more I can invest in improving it!

Have you found it too easy? Wants to see something different? Saw something you didn’t like? Let me know, and I’ll do my best to work on it!

Thank you for your time. I hope you have fun!
– JMBeraldo, Eridanus Studio

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One Against The Galaxy

Fast-paced shmup for those times when you only have a couple of minutes to blow things up and try to reach the high score.

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