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One More Night: BiO Clinic

Steam Video Games Windows

One More Night is a survival horror game with a lot of misteries inside the game. You will play as the night-shift nurse that needs to take care the patients. But just when a new girl comes in, she brought terror to the clinic with her. Something inside the girl posseses other dying patients and try to kill you! Everything back to normal when you are not alone, so, can you survive the terror until the night crews arrives?

Can you at least survive for one more night?

This game is a clueless game which will test your gaming skills by unveiling the way to survive every night on your own. The game starts at midnight and your shift will be complete at 06.00. Your objection is, of course, to survive every night while taking care some patients, but be smart, do not forget to take care of yourself too. After all, the bad things could happen to you! Pay attention on everything, there might be some clues that can help you to survive.

– Original and complex story
– Clueless game that push the gamer skill to the limit
– 3d modelling
– Terrifying environment

Unity made game.

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One More Night: BiO Clinic

Everything around you is trying to kill you! Can you survive for One More Night?

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