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Orbox C

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Orbox C is a great puzzle game with lots of levels.

Excellent level design is what makes the game stands above the other games of this type.

The game done with a nice sci-fi spacey graphics, good sound and music.

Controls are simple and responsive.

Orbox C is a pure puzzle game. Move the orbox between various blocks to complete the mission. There are several types of missions in the game and a mix between. Many levels of various difficulty. 7 packs with 30 levels in each pack. 210 levels overal. We reserved place for 8th pack and ready to make it based on the feedback.


Packs(30 levels in each):

  • Easy
  • Average
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Easy 2
  • Speed
  • Bonus

Play Orbox C today and we hope you will enjoy great puzzle solving!

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Orbox C

Welcome to the world of Orbox. The deep cold space filled with special blocks. However, this intelligent game can make player's brain very hot. Solving those clever levels might be a real challenge, but it's so entertaining and mind satisfying. If you're looking for a great logical puzzle, this is it!

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