OSES takes the zombie apocalypse to a new level, in which the positioning of the survivors is crucial to the completion of the objectives. Run, shoot and switch between characters to guarantee the safety of everyone.

OSES offers the switching character mechanic, making it a shooter with bits of strategy, in which you need to manage positioning and ammunition of each character. The game has 15 official maps with time challenges, do your best to complete them and use the credits you get in matches to buy better guns and boosters, which help you define even better times.

In the game there are 3 game modes: escape, defense and food rush, each one has different playstyles.
Escape: Focused in agility and knowledge of the maps, the characters must escape to the firepits as fast as possible, solving simple puzzles on the way.
Defense: In this mode the characters must stop the zombies from destroying the energy generators and keep their weapons loaded, so that they are not surprised by the enemy.
Food rush: On food rush maps, all characters are starving to death and need to run around the map to collect food packages, trying to take the most of each one while stopping the zombies from infecting them.

Beyond the official maps, the game has the workshop integration, so that the players can create and share their own maps, or download those created by the community. The available tools allow the player to create maps on the 3 game modes, and even mix various game modes to create a new and challenging experience. It is also possible to create maps with focus on narrative.

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Command 3 characters and use strategy to survive on this post-apocalyptic shooter.

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