Floating in an endless abyss with only a few others around, you'll probably ask yourself

"Where am I?"

Well, really. You'll be in The Herald's Dominion, but that's not important. You'll have died and you'll be a sucker. You'll probably ask yourself

"Why am I just a floating pile of flesh?"
"Why do my limbs bend every which way?"
"How did this happen to me?"

Well, really. The grave government took your skeleton, but that's not important. You're gonna get to keep your skeleton if you pass the Osteotic Bypass. That test… The one for new-deads to get a skeleton license.

This software is going to help you– for a mere $39.22– FREE you'll be the one laughing from your grave! Practice everything you'll need to make it through the Osteotic Bypass.

Don't let the grave government take your skeleton


Note: there's a small bug where the skeleton disappears sometimes. fixing soon!

Taylor Bai-Woo
website: fromsmiling.com
twitter: @fromsmiling

Tab Cai Klöckner
website: caitlinkloeckner.com
twitter: @Tabicait

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Osteotic Bypass

the holy art of getting your entire skeleton to the other side

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