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Other worlds India

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Other worlds India 2D adventure game from Russian developer.

Key Feature: The non-linearity, the game takes place in an open world. This does not mean that from the start the player is able to get into all of the gaming universe – at some point you will stop the lack of equipment or not enough character development in some – too powerful enemies.

Focusing on the study of the world, as the game progress depends on the degree of character upgrade, the number of found objects. The game improvements or hidden, or are in remote locations, or have incredible gaming funds cost. Accordingly, a significant part of the gaming activity is reduced to finding the secret locations or farm, depending on what you prefer.

the Phrase that best describes the game:

No, you can’t get there, first learn to do a double jump. No, you can’t kill this boss while not pumped, you can try to do it even at level 1, but chances are you are not great.

Game Benefits:

  • A huge open world, without any additional downloads.
  • A lot of weapons.
  • Low system requirements for good graphics.
  • The game is entirely in Russian (Poems Brodsky, jokes about vodka and a couple of strong words included).
  • Battle with bosses.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Different types of enemies which will have to find its own approach.
  • Nice 8-16 bit music.

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Other worlds India

Adventure game from Russian developer, for those who yearned for metroidvania games.

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