We feel really grateful towards Greenlight community for having supported this game by showing so much will and devotion. Soon, you will be able to enjoy the Out of the Box full experience. Thank you very much for making this project possible.

About the Game

Out of the Box allows you to experience the feeling of being the bouncer in the most exclusive and also dangerous club in town.

In this demo, we offer the chance to get to know a little bit about this story which takes action mostly at night. Here you can meet some of the most important characters, and also become familiar with the game’s mechanics.

Throughout 4 different days,you can get in Warren’s shoes, and find out what it feels like when you ask some disoriented bum for his ID, when you just take the bribe and let someone you shouldn’t in, or when you try to reason with helpless drunk people.

Do you need more reasons to sign your contract with "The Box"?

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Out Of The Box

You are Warren Baker, the new bouncer in "The Box", the most exclusive club in town.
You will have to interact with several different types of customers. Some of them match the rules to get in, and some of them don't, it's your job to choose who may come in.
Throughout many different days, Warren will have to make some decissions that will affect his life in many different ways.

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