The Infinity Corporation created the QMRD – Quantum Matter Reproduction Device.

After the device started to spread, people started cloning everything that came to their hands: money, food, energy and even themselves. Soon, the world plunged into chaos.

Can you save your own authenticity in a world where everything is a copy?

  • Clone yourself and sacrifice your clones to overcome deadly traps
  • Your gun has a low energy? Make a defective clone.
  • Make hundreds of clones, but try to save the original you
  • Help your clones or destroy them to survive on your own

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What would happen to the world if you had a device capable of cloning anything you want? Probably nothing good... Clone yourself using the Cloning Gun. Use your copies the way you want. Kill them if you wish, they don't matter. Duplicate yourself as many times as you want!

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