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Windows Exec Yusuf Mehdi talks Xbox E3 Briefing ” Broadcasting In 4K Ultra HD”

Will have a special edition #Mixer 4K broadcast -Yusef Medhi [Source: twitter.com ]

The 10 Easiest Platinum Trophies of All Time

For those looking to grab some easy Platinum trophies, these are 10 games that shouldn’t cause you any trouble in your search for digital rewards. [Source...

Brace for the Inevitable Criticism of Far Cry 5

Calum Muirhead of Gamer Professionals has some thoughts about Far Cry 5’s reveal, and writes: “With the Montana setting, and what seems to be the th...

What Is Project Scorpio’s Max Price That Won’t Alienate Gamers?

Project Scorpio’s maximum price may be different depending on who you ask, however, there’s one price that seems to be the true max for Scorpio at l...

Rime – Rough Switch vs. PS4 comparison

Nintendo showed off the first footage of Rime on Switch last week during a special indies episode of Nyannyan Neko Mario Time. Using gameplay from that video as...

Why Disney Should Buy Nintendo

While interesting, acquiring a video game publisher is wrong for Disney. It doesn’t just need a video game publisher. It needs Nintendo. Acquiring Nintend...

Rime review | Eurogamer

Tequila Works conjures a powerful spell from seemingly familiar elements. [Source: eurogamer.net ]

Destiny 2: Bungie Says Matchmaking is Incompatible for Us

Destiny 2 Project Lead Mark Noseworthy talks to Game Rant about why matchmaking is not in the game and how Guided Games will help bring like-minded players toge...

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