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Battlefield V Overture Update Patch Set for Tomorrow Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

The team has discovered an issue with the #Battlefield Chapter 1: Overture update. Rather than create issues in the game, were holding the update for the time being. [Source: twitter.com ]

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Ataribox retro mini-console plays current and classic games

Atari follows in footsteps of Nintendo’s NES Mini and SNES Minibut with a twist. [Source: arstechnica.com ]

Redout Dev Is Optimizing For 4K/60fps On PS4 Pro, Agrees With Cernys Estimation For Pro Dev Effort

Says porting to PS4 Pro isn’t too much effort. [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Juby Headshots sexy cosplay of Angel from The King of Fighters will melt your screen away

I (Robin Ek, TGG) might just have found one of the best cosplays of Angel from “The King of Fighters”. I’m talking about Juby Headshot’s...

This is what the 2003 Witcher prototype looked (and was) like

Forget Geralt you’re about to create your own witcher. And then plough through a game that handles like a hack’n’slash, but is a Baldur’...

Sledgehammer Games Is Very Disappointed with Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Leak

The Call of Duty: WWII Zombies leak exposed the studio’s hard work on the upcoming reveal trailer a bit sooner than expected. [Source: cogconnected.com ]

Heres Your First Look at Ataris New Console, the Ataribox More Details Revealed

Atari has revealed new details about their new console, called the Ataribox. They’ve also revealed new photos which show the console in all its glory. [So...

Sony’s First Party Studios: Amazing Games, One Glaring Problem

While Sony no doubt has a fantastic line-up of exclusive titles, those produced from their AAA first party studios seem to have too much in common. [Source: cog...

First Images Of Ataribox Revealed

TSA writes: “A little while ago Atari confirmed it was working on a new console, with the machine being called the Ataribox. Today Atari has revealed the ...

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