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Tim Sweeny Explains Exclusive Game Reasoning Via Twitter

“UbiSoft agreed to a co-exclusive on UPlay and the Epic Games store. Epic Games seeks exclusive games in order to have a unique lineup of games so theres another reason for gamers to come to our store.” [Source: mobile.twitter.com ]

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NBA 2K18 Switch Version Suffering From Major Bugs & Issues; List Of Known Issues So Far

ThisGenGaming says “NBA 2K18 has been called a mess on the Nintendo Switch by many players who have bought the game for the console/handheld hybrid, and w...

How a Recent “Game of the Year” Winner Almost Sucked

Jason Screier’s new book gives people an intriguing glance at the original vision for Uncharted 4. It is a legendary game, but almost became something qui...

Xbox One X Still Very Much Needs Exclusive Games

Microsoft and the Xbox teams are fighting an uphill battle though since they continue to feed into the narrative of a lack of major exclusives to support more e...

Is this 400GB SanDisk MicroSD Card the Ultimate Nintendo Switch Storage Expansion?

Nintendo Switch and Android phone enthusiasts, rejoice: SanDisk is letting you store more than ever. [Source: trustedreviews.com ]

Cliff Bleszinkski says he may need to be less of a dick to draw in Lawbreakers players

Cliff Bleszinkski has a few ideas on what he can do to help Lawbreakers, and one of them is being a better dude online. Bleszinkski has spoken openly about the ...

Doritos & Mountain Dew To Give Away Xbox One X Consoles Every 60 Seconds

Mountain Dew and Doritos are teaming up with Microsoft to give away Xbox One X consoles every 60 seconds. This is similar to a promotion they’ve run befor...

Fortnite amazingly appears to have PS4 cross-play with Xbox One players

PS4 Fortnite player get shot by Xbox One player according to this guy. Has there been a big mistake in enabling cross-play against Sony’s wishes? [Source:...

Next Final Fantasy Game Could Be Open-World Again; FF15 Director Talks Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Final Fantasy XV is on its way to PC, but that may not be the last time we see an open-world game in the series. [Source: gamespot.com ]

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