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Atari Could Disrupt the Game Console Market With the Upcoming Ataribox

Forbes: “There is a lot of mystery and well-deserved skepticism regarding Ataris upcoming re-entry into the game console market with the Ataribox. In the ...

Crackdown 3 for Xbox One and PC Looks Hectic In Tons of Action Gameplay

Microsoft showcased about fifteen minutes of gameplay of Crackdown 3 at San Diego Comic Con. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game Updated with New Waking Titan Website

The No Man’s Sky community has been part of an ARG for a couple of months. A new website has appeared for Hello Games’ upcoming update. [Source: dua...

Is Crash PS4s Success Evidence That Microsoft Should Look Into Reviving Banjo Kazooie and Conker?

With Crash having been as successful as it was, is it not time that Microsoft look into a real, large scale revival for both of these series [Banjo Kazooie and ...

Amazon Price Matches Best Buy Black Friday In July Sale

This weekend, the most famous online e-commerce platform Amazon is price matching some of the best deals from Best Buy Black Friday in July Sale. With this pric...

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Reveals Shelob in Spectacular New Trailer

Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions released a new trailer of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Destiny 2 Is Already A Disappointment, So Why Even Care?

With only slight improvements being made since The Taken King – found by this publication and many others across the web – what are people expecting...

Ryan: PS4’s 2018 Lineup Is “Very Strong”, Too Early To Tell Whether There Will Be Another Refresh

Sony’s Jim Ryan labeled PlayStation 4’s 2018 lineup as “very strong”. He also said it’s too early to tell whether there will be ot...

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