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2017: The Year Japanese RPGs Caught Up To Western RPGs

GameRevolution: “For gamers who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, it hasn’t been easy to watch JRPGs fall from grace. Really, if it weren...

Persona 5 Review – DigitalCentralMedia

“Persona 5 is just brilliant. Not only is it the best exclusive on the PS4. Its also one of the best JRPGs of all time” [Source: digitalcentralmedia...

Top 5 PS4 Exclusives Xbox One Gamers Would Kill For

The Xbox One is a great console. However it is lacking in exclusives. The following list is of games that are playable only on PS4 and not on Xbox One. [Source:...

Mass Effect: Andromeda debuts at No.1

EA and BioWares RPG sequel Mass Effect: Andromeda has unsurprisingly shot straight to the top of the UK Top 40 in its first week of sale in the UK. [Source: mcv...

Destiny 2 Logo Appears on Official Twitter

Bungie shared this official logo just now. [Source: twitter.com ]

Media Player Updated Today to Support 4K Video on PS4 Pro

Videos in mp4 format are playable from your USB sticks or home servers. [Source: blog.us.playstation.com ]

Reggie: Nintendo Switch Is Setting Sales Records Every Day, We’ve Turned the Industry on Its Ear

Reggie Fils-Aime proudly announced that the Switch is setting sales records for Nintendo every day on the US soil, adding that the company turned the gaming ind...

Five Insane Sony E3 2017 Predictions That Could Happen For The PS4

ThisGenGaming says “E3 2017 is fast approaching and we can’t stop thinking what will happen at each conference. Sony’s however could be one of...

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