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GameStop is changing its pre-order refund policy

Now, if you want to get your money back for a pre-order youve placed, youll have 30 days after the launch of the game to get a full cash refund. After 30 days, youll get store credit. [Source: kotaku.com ]

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Call Of Duty: Remastered Coming June 27th For PS4

Activision has confirmed the rumored stand alone version of Call of Duty: Remastered will be out of June 27th with PC and Xbox One to follow. [Source: sknr.net ...

Xbox announcements planned for Gamescom, “not E3 level”

//www.gamereactor.eu/grtv2/embed/?id=322603Greenberg: “I always go to Gamescom. I care a lot about our fans and our partners in Europe so that’s a b...

PES 2018: Dev Confirms 4K Resolution For PS4 Pro, Nothing To Announce For Xbox One X Yet

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is out later this year and as you’ve probably guessed, it will support PS4 Pro. The question then is whether it w...

Titanfall 2 on Xbox One X can go above 4K

According to a dev from Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall 2 can achieve resolutions above 4k courtesy of Dynamic Supersampling on the Xbox One X. [Source: neogaf...

Buying an Xbox One makes more sense than ever, but there’s still one huge problem: the PlayStation 4

At $250, the Xbox One is a more attractive buy than ever before. There’s just one huge problem: a lack of major exclusive games. [Source: businessinsider....

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Could Still Come To PS4

Despite earlier reports, Bluehole Studios has not said that the game will remain an Xbox One exclusive indefinitely. [Source: gameinformer.com ]

Xbox One X – Are you (the Xbox gamer) going to be buying one?

From the outset Xbox One X was touted as a premium product that was being built with those gamer’s who wanted that extra gloss and candy and at £450, is t...

Greenberg: “there are a lot” of big unannounced Xbox games

//www.gamereactor.eu/grtv2/embed/?id=322603Microsoft is holding back some juicy first-party announcements, according to marketing chief Aaron Greenberg. [Source...

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