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Terrifying PS4 Dynamic Theme is Now Free

A dynamic theme from one of PS4’s best horror games hits the PlayStation Store for free. [Source: psu.com ]

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games Confirmed For 2018

All the games coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2018. [Source: gamespot.com ]

Xbox One X Will Have More Games If Microsoft Allows Exclusives For It Frozenbyte Dev

The thing with the Xbox One X, and with the PS4 Pro as well, is that exclusives are not allowed. Basically, any game that hits the Xbox One X must also run on a...

Analyst: 2017 Was The Best Year for PS4 With 20.2 Million Units Sold Last Year | GAMETRANSFERS

According to the analyst Daniel Ahmad (also known as ZhugeEX), 2017 was the best year for PlayStation 4: in the last twelve months, Sony sold 20.2 million PS4 a...

Metal Gear Survive final box art tells us a few things: always online, 16+ rating and XBX support

Konami has released the final pack shot for Metal Gear Survive, and it tells us a few things. [Source: metalgearinformer.com ]

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Promises To Crush The Competition Like a Grape

COGconnected: Although we will have to wait until COGconnected gets its hands on a copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to give a final verdict, we can gath...

Dragon Ball FighterZ: 5 DLC Characters We’d Like To See

Cultured Vultures: Dragon Ball FighterZ has over 20 characters already. Let’s wish for a few more. [Source: culturedvultures.com ]

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Development Is Going Well According to Yoshinori Kitase

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase mentions that development of one of the most anticipated upcoming JRPGs is proceeding smoothly. [Source: dual...

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