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Resident Evil 7 USB Doll Finger Pics Unveiled

Capcom has sustained part of the promotion of Resident Evil 7 on the famous finger mannequin, so much so that the curious item is one of the objects of the Coll...

PlayStation VR could get some ground-breaking changes in the future and here’s why

SONY boss Kaz Hirai discusses the future of PlayStation VR and says things could get even better for gamers. [Source: dailystar.co.uk ]

AMD shows DOOM on RYZEN and Vega – CPU clock speed at 3.6 GHz

CES is going on and with an overhaul of all kinds of tech news there are only a handful of companies we gamers have interest in. Among them, Nvidia and AMD seem...

Being a Female Gamer in a Male Dominant Community

Rise of the girl gamers? This article takes a look over views from a girl gamer herself. [Source: ]

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo: Which video game giant will have the most successful 2017?

A look at how the big three will handle new consoles, upgraded hardware and maintaing sales dominance. [Source: ibtimes.co.uk ]

Nintendo Switch May Not Be As Powerful As PS4 And Xbox One And Thats Okay

Nintendo’s upcoming machine has already caught the imaginations of everybody, thanks to an effective three minute video debuting the system and its centra...

Sony Reveals Why They’re Not Sharing PSVR’s Sales Numbers

Despite reporting specific sales numbers for PS4, Sony revealed why the company won’t do the same for PSVR. [Source: wewritethings.co ]

Race Game Face-Off: Gran Turismo Sport vs. Forza Motorsport 7

New iterations of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are set for release this year. Which one will reign supreme? [Source: usgamer.net ]

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