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GameStop is changing its pre-order refund policy

Now, if you want to get your money back for a pre-order youve placed, youll have 30 days after the launch of the game to get a full cash refund. After 30 days, youll get store credit. [Source: kotaku.com ]

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PS5: Kaz Hirai Interested In Pushing A Platform, Claims Of A Discrete GPU Analyzed

Kaz Hirai recently mentioned the possibility of PS5, whilst a report also indicates that the console may possibly have a discrete GPU [Source: thewolfhall.com ]

11 Games Microsoft Needs To Win E3

Along with the launch of Scorpio, here are 11 games that will give the Xbox One a fighting chance at wowing gamers and turning the tides in their favor this E3....

Phantom Dust Review- Destructoid

Thing is, Phantom Dust sucks. Critics didn’t think so, for some reason, but boy it hasn’t aged well at all. It doesn’t help that this is a bar...

When a Store says “19 In Stock” and then This Guy gets there Before You

When one man posted a photo of himself with 19 Nintendo Switches, it sparked a heated thread on Reddit about console scalpers. But as we all know, sometimes thi...

Nintendo Switch’s Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]

Nintendo Switchs online service will cost $20/year and will launch at some point in 2018, the publisher said today. Playing Switch games online will be free unt...

Should Sony Take Note Of The Switchs Success And Invest In A Similar PlayStation Portable System?

Third time is the charm for Sony in the portable market? [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Playstation is sponsoring London Pride 2017

PlayStation is very proud to be sponsoring this years Pride in London #ForALLthePlayers #Pride2017 [Source: twitter.com ]

Star Citizen Gets New Video Explaining Item 2.0 Feature; Passes $151,000,000 in Crowdfunding

Star Citizen introduces the system that will form the backbone of in-game persistence, while passing 151 million dollars in crowd funding. [Source: dualshockers...

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