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Up Next A look at the Xbox One games out in June 2017

Fin writes “Its mid-2017 and that can only mean one thing… more Xbox One games for us to enjoy! Yes, even though history dictates the middle couple ...

God of War 4 ~ 11 Potential Nordic Gods & Monsters For Kratos To Kill To Death

Sean @ FG: What Gods and Monsters will Kratos be tearing limb from limb in God of War 4? We do some homework. [Source: fingerguns.net ]

PlayStation E3 Experience 2017 Announce

On June 12, PlayStation invites its fans to gather together and experience the news and excitement of E3 LIVE on a massive screen in movie theaters across North...

Can Nintendo Sustain Switchs Success Without AAA Third Party Support Like PS4 and Xbox One Have?

Xbox and PlayStation are getting the biggest games on the market, and Switch is not- can it survive without them? [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will now launch worldwide on Oct. 10, 2017

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will now launch worldwide on Oct. 10, 2017. [Source: community.wbgames.com ]

BioWare Takes St From Both Sides Over LGBT Characters, Reveals New Dragon Age Writer

J Station X: BioWare ‘takes s–t from both sides’ because of the LGBT characters in its games, reveals new Dragon Age writer Alexis Kennedy. [S...

Mike Ybarra Tweets Xbox One Scorpio Processor Pic

Vice President Mike Ybarra of Xbox recently tweeted a pic of Xbox One Scorpios processor. The Tweet in question shows the Xbox One Scorpios processor which is s...

Final Fantasy XIV’s PS4 Pro Support Will Feature Upscaled 4K; Yoshida Explains Why it’s Not Native

Final Fantasy XIV will get PS4 Pro support in June alongside the Stormblood expansion, and it will feature upscaled 4K resolution in one of its two visual modes...

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