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Dell announced affordable $799 gaming laptop

Today at CES Dell announced the new affordable gaming laptops, updates to the Dell Inspiron 7000 series (7467 and 7567). [Source: techhgeeks.com ]

Kickstart: Corky's-Porkys: Barnyard Battle! A family dice & card game

Check Out Corky's-Porkys: Barnyard Battle! A family dice & card game on Kickstarter by Colt Sampson. Score a Corky's-Porkys with lost Farmer game ...

Sony Sold 6.2 Million PS4s In The 2016 Holiday Period

Sony has today announced that they sold through 6.2 million PlayStation 4 units throughout the 2016 holiday season. The PS4 has now sold 53.4 million units worl...

Uncharted 4 Has Sold 8.7 Million Copies Worldwide

ThisGenGaming says “It looks like the final chapter of Nathan Drakes story has been a huge success as Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced tonight...

Nintendo Will Own 2017 if They Can Pull Off The Zelda-Switch Launch Combo

Forbes’s Paul Tessi writes: “It’s hugely important for the Switch to get off to a strong start, no matter what may happen down the line. The W...

Can Microsoft Realistically Go A Full Year Without a New Halo, Gears or Forza Title?

ThisGenGaming says “Microsoft had a great year in 2016. More information on Project Scorpio was released, the Xbox One S was sent out, and great deals wer...

Are You Getting Sick of the Telltale Games?

It’s like the same game over and over again. Can gamers get something new? [Source: dispatches.cheatcc.com ]

Resident Evil 7 Will Be Hardest Game in the Series; Developer Focusing More on Aspect of Fear

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be more difficult than previous entries in the survival horror series, according to its lead game designer. [Source: powerupgami...

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