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Nvidia RTX 3080, RTX 3070 Specifications Leaked

GA103: 60 SM arrays, 3480 stream processors, 320-bit video memory, 10 / 20GB GDDR6 video memory capacity. GA104: 48 sets of SM arrays, 3072 stream processors, 256-bit video memory, 8 / 16GB GDDR6 video memory capacity. Both new cores will be 7nm processes , but the foundry is unknown, and given the ...

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Horizon Zero Dawn – Shaping Up To Be The Best PS4 Exclusive Yet | Press Start

Press Start: Last week, I travelled to Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam to play over four hours of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which were two main sections of the campaign....

Horizon Zero Dawn hands-on | Polygon

Polygon: “Guerrilla Games has created a beautiful, deadly open world.” [Source: polygon.com ]

The Next Three Backwards Compatibility Titles Have Leaked Early

ThisGenGaming says “The weekly backwards compatibility titles for Xbox One continues, which also means the weekly leak.” [Source: thisgengaming.com ...

If the Wii U is a failure, what is the Xbox One?

finder.com.au: “As the PlayStation 4 surges past the 50 million sales mark, we question whether the Wii U is the only failure this generation.” [Sou...

Horizon Zero Dawn – The Best Looking PlayStation Game Ever? 4K PS4 Pro Gameplay

Is Horizon Zero Dawn the best looking game on PlayStation, ever? [Source: youtube.com ]

Michael Pachter on Switch Projections, PlayStation 5 Date, and Xbox One’s Future

On this week’s episode, Wedbush Securities research analyst and host of the Pachter Factor, Michael Pachter, joins host Josiah Renaudin to discuss the bus...

Michael Pachter on Xbox Scorpio and 4K Gaming- It Sounds Great But Who Has A 4KTV?

The Xbox Scorpio is launching later this year- and with a 6TFLOPS GPU, the system is slated to be the mot powerful console ever made. Microsoft is clearly banki...

Horizon: Zero Dawns Open World Is the Star of the Show – IGN

Horizon’s story feels like it may be a little thin, but its world is rammed with post-historic surprises. [Source: uk.ign.com ]

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