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The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2017 New Poster, PS4 System Theme, and More

Today marks the day the infection in The Last of Us hit critical mass. Kick off this year’s Outbreak Day with a new The Last of Us Part II poster, a PS4 t...

GTA VI Will Likely Utilize the Power of a PS5, Arriving in 2020

A speculative article that predicts / estimates / speculates the release of GTA VI and the PS5. [Source: gamerbolt.com ]

Is the Console War Finally Coming to an End?

It’s time to find a new hobby! Perhaps people should be playing games instead of arguing about them. [Source: dispatches.cheatcc.com ]

Has Destiny Finally Killed the Halo Series?

While the Halo series has faded a bit with age, the Destiny franchise is doing amazingly well. Could one Bungie series be on the verge of surpassing the other? ...

Suicide Simulator Appears on Steam, Proving Valve Really Doesnt Give a Shit

At one point in time, Steam seemed like the saviour of PC gaming. Now it just seems like a cesspit. [Source: gamespew.com ]

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Which is Better for 4K?

When the Xbox One X launches this November, the world will have two consoles that offer better-looking, more detailed games than the consoles they replace. Get ...

For DOOM, 30 FPS and 720p is Just Fine

The biggest third party announcement for the Nintendo Switch back at its reveal event in January was that EA was working on a FIFA game. That was it. After virt...

Assassins Creed: Origins Runs Better on Xbox One X Than It Does on PC So Far [Wccftech]

The hands-on from EGX 2017 highlighted that Assassins Creed: Origins seems to be in a better shape on Xbox One X rather than PC, at least for now. [Source: wccf...

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Zombie Buster VR

Zombie Buster VR aims to be an authentic action sh...

Cavern Escape

Cavern escape is new platformer puzzle game.

Tank it!

In Tank it! you command a drone to remotely contro...

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