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Microsoft cant explain why its 4K is $100 better than Sonys

From Microsofts perspective, the Xbox One X, the new console built to take advantage of the rapid growth of 4K televisions, is a luxury item. Its diminutive shell contains an abundance of RAM, teraflops, and other expensive bits. For that reason, $499 is a logical price for Microsoft to go with, but...

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Xbox One X to sell 17m by 2021 – DFC

Even with 4K TV sales on the rise, Xbox One X will only appeal to a narrow demographic, says David Cole [Source: gamesindustry.biz ]

No Games? Xbox One is on track to have more Exclusives than the 360.

As E3 comes and goes for yet another year, Xbox and Phil Spencer have certainly been centre stage for many. Since it was revealed in the 2016 briefing that we w...

Is the Nintendo Switch Slowing Down the 4K Revolution?

Microsoft and Sony know how valuable it is to convince people that 4K really is the future of entertainment as they no doubt prepare to release 4K next gen cons...

High-Quality Games Can Now Be Released at Any Time of the Year, Says Sony’s Shawn Layden

SIEA President and CEO Shawn Layden noted a major industry shift in that high-quality games can now be released at any time of the year. [Source: wccftech.com ]

UK Pre-Orders For SNES Mini Sold Out In Minutes

COGconnected writes: In a grim portent for North Amercia, UK pre-orders for the SNES Mini are sold out, with eBay prices already at a predictable high. [Source:...

I’m an Old Gamer and I Don’t Plan to Stop Playing

Dan writes on Common Sense Gamer: “Being an adult should be about making YOUR choices and sticking to them. If I choose that I want to game since early mo...

Microsoft are in danger of becoming the friend that no one really likes

Sean @ FG: Microsoft and Xbox need to reign in their PR spin before they become the friend that no on really likes Every friend group has one. Its that asshole ...

Switch Converter Allows DualShock 3 & 4 Use

Brook Design’s Super Converter Updated to Support PS4 and PS3 controllers on Nintendo Switch. [Source: in.pcmag.com ]

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