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What Do We Want to See from the Xbox Scarlet?

With Microsofts E3 press conference right around the corner (June 9, 2019 1 PM PT) many are speculating what we might see. One of the most anticipated aspects f...

Massive Xbox One exclusive gets surprise new update ahead of E3 2019

If you need any help using the theme then take a look at the tabs to the left. Leaked document shows possible gears 5 info. [Source: ]

AAA Ready at Dawn Console Game Now in Prototype Phase; Devs Looking to Apply Lessons Learned from VR

Ready at Dawn, the studio known for PlayStation 4 action/adventure game The Order: 1886, is now prototyping a new triple-A game for consoles. They’re also...

Nintendo Switch proves why the PlayStation 5 Must launch soon

Nintendo may have just proven why Sony needs to hurry up and launch the PS5. [Source: express.co.uk ]

Dead Island 2 Is Still Happening According to THQ Nordic

Remember Dead Island 2? Apparently, it’s still a thing according to THQ Nordic! [Source: mp1st.com ]

Forza Horizon 4 Censored Music Lyrics Containing Words God, High and Stardusted Due To ESRB

There seems to be a growing pattern of censorship in the Microsoft camp, especially regarding certain themes and topics, one of which includes religious referen...

Battlefield 5 Now Charging Players Money for a Skin That Was Initially Free With In-Game Currency

Here’s a bummer: DICE has removed the Battlefield 5 Pit Crew skin set from being obtainable via in-game currency, and it can only be had via real-world mo...

Dreams Early Access Preview Bringing Your Imagination To Life | Gameinformer

More than any developer, Media Molecule has been driven by a singular goal: to empower players to make and share their own games. LittleBigPlanet focused this c...

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