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Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

Watch the live streaming event from YouTube. Streaming times by region are: 4 AM GMT 11 PM EST 8 PM PST [Source: youtube.com ]

PlayStation 4 was the top-selling home console in December in the United States

Sony had another huge month to end the year. [Source: venturebeat.com ]

Xbox Chief Admits Uncertainty Over Project Scorpios Public Appearance

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer reveals that he is not sure if the upgraded Project Scorpio Xbox One console will be making its first appearance before E3 2017, d...

New Sucker Punch PS4 game is a new IP

It looks as if the new long-in-development PS4 title from inFAMOUS developer Sucker Punch Productions is in fact a new IP, that is according to known industry i...

Regarding the Cancellation of Scalebound | PlatinumGames Official Blog

Following the announcement by Microsoft Games Studios of the cancellation of Scalebound for Xbox One and PC, PlatinumGames published an official statement today...

Microsoft’s Xbox One 3rd Party Exclusive Issues Run Far Deeper Than Just Scalebound

Microsoft simply might be a difficult partner to work with in general when it comes to exclusive titles in addition to its limited audience this generation [Sou...

Nintendo Tells Square “Never Come Back” After Fallout Over Final Fantasy VII

At one point in time, Nintendo and Square were synonymous in the video game industry. Square had released many of their biggest RPG hits on the Super NES like F...

Tired of Remasters? Well, Here’s 9 Scheduled for This Year

Tired of HD remasters yet? Ready or not, here are nine games scheduled to re-release in 2017. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

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