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Amazon Black Friday: Top $14.99 Video Game Deals

Hawtwired: “Here is a list of cheap $14.99 Xbox One and PS4 games currently LIVE at Amazon!” [Source: hawtwired.com ]

Battlerite Devs Mock EA’s Now Infamous “Sense of Pride and Accomplishment” Quote

Battlerite’s Stunlock Studios classily mocked EA’s now infamous “sense of pride and accomplishment” quote issued to explain the outrageo...

Nintendo Switch vs. Gaming Laptops: Which is Better for Portable Gaming?

Nintendo Enthusiast: So far, there are nearly 8 million people worldwide who are enjoying the hybrid functionality of the Nintendo Switch. Theres never been suc...

Top-Selling Black Friday Deals Revealed by GameStop; PS4, Switch and Xbox One Included

Black Friday is in full swing, and GameStop is celebrating all the money pouring into its coffers with enthusiastic comments and top-selling deals. [Source: dua...

Where Has the PS4 Exclusive WiLD Gone?

Michel Ancel’s PS4 exclusive drove people wild and then quickly disappeared. [Source: culturedvultures.com ]

Amazon Digital Blowout Sale For Black Friday Live

Amazon has just kicked off its digital sale for Black Friday 2017! The Amazon Black Friday digital sale features deals for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One and Xbox ...

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Player Builds Droid To Earn Credits Without Playing

From GameWatcher: “A player of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has built a very simple robot to keep him in the game, permanently earning Credits, just by turning...

Innovation, new IP, and putting creators first: how PS4 and PlayStation VR defy end-of-gen trends

PS4 is looking stronger than ever. The future is bright for Sonys flourishing platform. At four years old, the PS4 is no longer new-gen. [Source: vg247.com ]

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