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Microsoft UK warns of possible Xbox One X launch shortages

Xbox UK has warned consumers over week one shortages of its new X console as it kicks off its marketing campaign. “The Scorpio edition sold out in record ...

Assassin’s Creed Origins PS4 Pro 4K No HUD Screenshots Reveal The Beauty of Egypt

Check out Assassin’s Creed Origins on the PS4 Pro. [Source: gearnuke.com ]

Microsoft CEO: Our Goal with Game Pass Is To Have A Netflix for Games; We Feel Very Good About Mixer

CEO Satya Nadella stated in the latest earnings call that Microsoft’s goal with Game Pass is to have a Netflix for games. He also feels very good of Mixer...

Call of Duty: World War 2 and Destiny 2 Xbox One X Enhancements Confirmed

The exact status of whether or not Activisions shooters, Call of Duty: World War 2 and Destiny 2, would be getting Xbox One X enhancements has been up in the ai...

Assassins Creed Origins PS4 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-WZQKR9PAssassins Creed Origins has been released and it introduced highly anticipated revolution to the series i...

Dev On PS4 Pro/Xbox One X Power Gap:AAA Games Will See Differences, But It’s Not Just About Hardware

“When playing photo realistic AAA multimillion dollar games you will be able to see differences.” [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Destiny 2 On PC Is A Lonely Experience

Might as well play with bots. [Source: ebaumsworld.com ]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Proves That Single-Player Games Aren’t Dead, Dev Says

A developer from Guerrilla Games weighs in on the single-player discussion. [Source: gamespot.com ]

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