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This Lack of Xbox Exclusives Is a Bad Decision by Microsoft

Lex wrote: With the launch of their mid-generation Xbox One X is relatively closing in, what can this mid-gen upgrade offer aside from first-party sequels, 4K, ...

Games With Gold August 2017 Games Potentially Leaked; Includes Dark Souls II On Xbox One

ThisGenGaming says “It looks like the latest Games With Gold games has leaked before an official reveal tomorrow.” [Source: thisgengaming.com ]

65% of Gamers Want More Diversity in Video Game Characters, Says Study

J Station X: 65% of gamers want more diversity in video game characters, in terms of age and gender, reveals a new study about gaming habits in Australia. [Sour...

PS4 and Switch Sales Revitalizing Console Market According to Koei Tecmo; NiOh Keeps Selling Well

Koei Tecmo sees the console market revitalized by the sales of Nintendo Switch and PS4, while NiOh keeps performing well. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Will Next Gen Consoles Cross the $499 Mark?

Consoles are getting more expensive, but should we be worried about next-gen prices? [Source: hd-report.com ]

All Current Generation Consoles Ranked By Number of Exclusives

Twinfinite crunches the numbers and compares each console by the total number of console exclusives, highlighting the best of their respective libraries. [Sourc...

ESPN tells pro gamer to change Street Fighter characters costume to meet broadcast standards

The bodysuit Cammy has been wearing for 24 years apparently doesnt comply with the networks standards and practices. [Source: en.rocketnews24.com ]

More Publishers Should Create Subscription Services

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; “One of the best recent things to come from gaming are the creation of game passes or well subscription based ...

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