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Complete list of cars for Gran Turismo Sport

The next big iteration in Polyphony Digitals famed racing simulation is launching with 138 cars in its garage. [Source: finder.com.au ]

Fortnite PS4 And Xbox One Cross-Play Mistake Weakens Sonys Argument For Blocking [Opinion]

INQ: The debate over supporting cross-play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One took an interesting twist over the last few days as Epic Games Fortnite mistak...

Ian Bell on EA & Need for Speed: Shift 3: “They tried to f*ck us over, we have no respect for them”

Need for Speed Shift is a racing series that made Slightly Mad Studios famous to the PC community. Shift was one of the first racers that implemented a spectacu...

Can Xbox One X really run Quantum Break at 4K?

DF: “Remedy’s Quantum Break was announced for Xbox One X back at Gamescom and we managed to get a few minutes of time on the game, where first impre...

Final Fantasy IX’s Platinum Trophy is Nigh Impossible

With Final Fantasy IX was announced for a PS4 release yesterday, one of its trophies requires you to jump rope 1000 times without tripping. [Source: cogconnecte...

Microsoft won’t confirm Xbox One X lifespan but talks up ‘not just backwards compatibility’

MCVUK: “With the Xbox One X launch, two industry heavyweights will be competing with mid-gen hardware updates. However with the Xbox One X costing a hefty...

Michael Pachter: If I had to bet, PS5 would come out in 2020

Michael Pachter thinks the PS5 release date won’t come around until PS4 sales slows down and that could take up to 2020. [Source: psu.com ]

Project Cars 2 runs best on PlayStation 4 Pro

Console performance analysed: Sony’s super-charged console gets closest to a locked 60fps. [Source: eurogamer.net ]

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