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Final Fantasy XV: Here’s What Will Happen If Players Don’t Save Any Photos

Here’s what happens near the ending if players do not save photographs in Final Fantasy XV. [Source: itechpost.com ]

Stardock CEO On PS5s Potential To Reach Photorealism:’I Think We Can Achieve It With Current Cycle

The ultimate aim of all the advancements in video games and graphics tech is to achieve photorealism- graphics so good that they are indistinguishable from phot...

Mass Effect romances, by the numbers: How gay males have been shafted

Steve Wright, Stevivor — “An in-depth look at the romance options available in the Mass Effect franchise has revealed that gay males have, by far, t...

What Would Make This a “Big E3” for Nintendo?

Past E3’s have been lackluster for Nintendo, but Reggie says this year will be different. What would make for the best E3 2017 for the big N? [Source: a90...

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review: A Better Witcher 3? – Geeklyng

Shaz Mohsin writes: “CD Projekt Red had perfected in crafting a world that was deep in lore, characters, politics, and atmosphere. A world that was as int...

There are new additions to backwards compatibility on Xbox One

Two more games have joined backwards compatibility on Xbox One. This brings the total to 353 games that are a part of the service. [Source: realgamemedia.com ]

PS4 is clear leader in media coverage despite Switch hype – ICO

According to ICO Partners, Switch is seeing around 40% of the coverage that Sony’s console gets on a weekly basis [Source: gamesindustry.biz ]

Here’s more incredible looking GT Sport GIFs

Team VVV: “We can’t get enough of these beautiful animated GIFs originating from the GT Sport closed beta. Our latest batch once more showcases the ...

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