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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Won’t Be Announced at E3, But Later This Year

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the next chapter of Lara Croft’s adventures, won’t be at E3 2017. It will be announced later this year, possibly at Games...

Watch Emma Watson pick the right answer to one of gamings toughest questions

The Circle is terrible, but at least it has this … [Source: polygon.com ]

Does Sony have all the exclusives?

One of the most common arguments I hear from Sony fanboys recently is that Microsoft doesnt have any exclusives. So, what is the reality of the situation? Does ...

PlayStation Releases for May 2017

PlayStationing writes: “Persona 5 was one of the best games out last month, and many would argue already a Game of the Year contender. Can May continue to...

Xbox at E3 2017: What to Reasonably Expect from Microsoft

Obviously, their presser is going to be centered around Scorpio. But, what else should we reasonably expect from Microsoft at E3 2017? [Source: nerdmuch.com ]

What Should The Xbox One Scorpio Cost?

At this point, the Xbox One Scorpio isnt as much of an unknown as it was for almost a year since its initial announcement- we know what hardware the system will...

PS4/Xbox One Cross-Play Should Happen, Tekken Boss Says

The possibility for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network to connect for cross-platform play is an interesting idea–and it might actually happen. One person w...

Big discounts on PS4 exclusives include Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted 4, Last Guardian and more

Several PlayStation 4 exclusives have been heavily discounted with Bloodborne dropping to $17.00, Gravity Rush 2 to $41.32, The Last Guardian to $31.00, The Las...

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