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Sony going commercial with PlayStation VR after making slow progress with consumers

Sony’s video game wing has established a “location-based entertainment” unit tasked with leading the commercial VR charge and finding partners...

How long is RiME? We Have The Answer

Details emerge of how long the game is [Source: pauseresume.com ]

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan on Xbox Project Scorpio and more

Blizzard developer speaks to IBTimes UK ahead of this week’s BAFTA Game Awards. [Source: ibtimes.co.uk ]

Rumor: Scorpio Will Have Room For Even More Visual Upgrades At Native 4K; Witcher 3 Scorpio Patched

ThisGenGaming says “Insiders are hinting that the Xbox Scorpio could get even more visual upgrades past Native 4K due to the amount of room left. Could Th...

Say Happy Birthday to PlayStation’s Newest Great Icon, Aloy

GeekReply: Still according to the titles official lore, April 4th is Aloys birthday. [Source: geekreply.com ]

Sucker Punch will show something new at E3

Twitter: Sucker Punch will show something new, short teaser at E3 #PS4 #PS4Pro By Tidux [Source: twitter.com ]

A Rough Month: Mass Effect Was Xbox One’s Second Best Game Of March 2017

GameRevolution: “This became particularly troublesome for Microsoft during March. Despite being one of the three most important months of the year in the ...

6 Arkham Accidents That Insomnaic Games PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Must Avoid

Insomniac Games. Youve heard of them. The studio responsible for Hyper-Caffeinated Millenial Hipster Simulator otherwise known as Sunset Overdrive as well as a ...

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