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Reggie: Switch Will Be Getting Wii U Titles

By March gamers can expect most major franchise games to come to the Switch according to Fils-Aime, and so all Switch owners have something to look forward to i...

Why is everyone still playing Wolfenstein: The New Order?

Destructoid: “Coming off of E3 this year, I started to notice something. Every time I logged on to Steam or PSN somebody I knew was playing Wolfenstein: T...

Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic Edition Is a Bigger Deal Than You Realize

Twinfinite writes: Sure, you can play Star Fox in its various iterations, but youve never actually been able to play the sequel, at least in a completed form. N...

Xbox One X to sell 17m by 2021 – DFC

Even with 4K TV sales on the rise, Xbox One X will only appeal to a narrow demographic, says David Cole [Source: gamesindustry.biz ]

No Games? Xbox One is on track to have more Exclusives than the 360.

As E3 comes and goes for yet another year, Xbox and Phil Spencer have certainly been centre stage for many. Since it was revealed in the 2016 briefing that we w...

Is the Nintendo Switch Slowing Down the 4K Revolution?

Microsoft and Sony know how valuable it is to convince people that 4K really is the future of entertainment as they no doubt prepare to release 4K next gen cons...

High-Quality Games Can Now Be Released at Any Time of the Year, Says Sony’s Shawn Layden

SIEA President and CEO Shawn Layden noted a major industry shift in that high-quality games can now be released at any time of the year. [Source: wccftech.com ]

UK Pre-Orders For SNES Mini Sold Out In Minutes

COGconnected writes: In a grim portent for North Amercia, UK pre-orders for the SNES Mini are sold out, with eBay prices already at a predictable high. [Source:...

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