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Is PS4 update and PS Plus increase hiding BIG PlayStation Now surprise?

PSU thinks that the PlayStation Now service could be connected to the PS Plus price increase after new banners appeared on PlayStation Plus official page. [Sour...

Hellblade: Official Trailer & PS4 Pro Support

PlayStation 4 Pro players will have the choice between experiencing Hellblade with enhanced resolution or at a higher framerate of 60fps. High-end PC owners wil...

Crackdown 3’s Terry Crews Roasts Hater On Twitter

Terry Crews, who voices one of the playable characters in Crackdown 3, turned a naysayer into a believer. [Source: keengamer.com ]

PlayStation Plus For £50 Per Year Is Not Worth It; Subscribers Should Be Furious Over The Increase

ThisGenGaming says “News broke earlier today that PlayStation Plus is increasing to £50/60 next month which is a huge £10/10 increase for the service. As ...

For Honor Will Move to Dedicated Servers

For Honor has been peer-to-peer since its launch in February, but that’s about to change. [Source: gamerevolution.com ]

Dead Rising 4 Still Hasnt Shipped Over 1 Million Copies; New Street Fighter V Figures Revealed

ThisGenGaming says “The bomb of Dead Rising 4 continues to get worse as another quarter passes without it reaching 1 million copies, and keeping it’...

Sony Raises PS Plus Price in Europe To 59.99 and in the UK To £49.99

Sony just revealed via newsletter that it will soon raise PS Plus price in Europe from 49.99 to 59.99 and in the UK from £39.99 to £49.99. [Source: wccftech.com...

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds already running at 30-40fps on Xbox One X on 100-player servers

A new team has been busy, though, getting the game to run on Xbox platforms to see what kind of performance optimisations are needed. [Source: vg247.com ]

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