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Kicking off [email protected] Winter of Arcade with Ashen, Below, and More

More than a decade ago, the Xbox team introduced Xbox Live Summer of Arcade to showcase a series of incredibly independent games on Xbox 360 like Braid, Castle Crashers, LIMBO, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and more throughout the entire season. Summer of Arcade was an early precursor to the [email protected] ...

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Persona 5: Ultimate Edition Leaked

Persona 5: Ultimate Edition leaked, offering gamers the option to purchase all the available DLC content on the PSN in one handy download. [Source: theplaystati...

Gears of War 4 Xbox One S vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-WZQKR9PThe closer to Xbox One X premiere the more promotional videos we can count on. Microsoft just released Ge...

Sea of Thieves is the Most Unique Looking Game Out There But Theres a Problem

The Sea of Thieves MMO style game is Xbox One not-so-secret weapon. Fans have waited for the game for a long time. Form everything we have seen from the game, i...

EA Doesn’t Care for What Players Want: Ex-Mass Effect Andromeda Developer

Gadgets 360 says: “According to ex-Mass Effect: Andromeda developer Manveer Heir single-player games are dead at EA.” [Source: gadgets.ndtv.com ]

Xbox One X Can Run Xbox 360 Games At Native 4K; OG Xbox Games At Close To 4K Says Xbox Exec

ThisGenGaming says “The Xbox One X just got some incredible news for fans of backwards compatibility.” [Source: thisgengaming.com ]

7 Popular Video Games That Aren’t Actually That Great

WGTC writes: Video games are great storytelling mediums, but sometimes even the acclaimed ones don’t live up to the hype – here are seven examples. ...

First 13 Original Xbox Games Announced for Xbox One Compatibility

Microsoft has revealed the first 13 backwards-compatible original Xbox games for Xbox One to IGN several of which IGN got to play. These first 13 will be availa...

How Gran Turismo Sport has returned the series to greatness

After a delay of nearly a year, the latest entry in Sony’s famous Gran Turismo franchise finally hit shelves this week. But has GT Sport been worth the wa...

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