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Vault 7 Leak Reveals the CIA is Spying on Gamers

Wikileaks is doing its part to make sure that we never feel the need for fabricated drama again. This is how the new Vault 7 revelation could affect gamers. [So...

This is why you need a Nintendo Switch screen protector

The Nintendo Switch screen is made of plastic, not glass. That means it’s extremely easy to scratch with the dock. [Source: nintendotoday.com ]

No Mans Sky: Path Finder Update Brings Vehicles, PS4 Pro Support, More

Vehicles, PS4 Pro support, and a host of visual improvements arrive in Hello Games’ vision of galactic exploration. [Source: blog.us.playstation.com ]

Project Scorpio Is A Must Win For The Xbox Brand

ThisGenGaming says “Project Scorpio is a must win for Xbox. It is a widely held belief, that the PS4 Pro is a more powerful console, and exclusive develop...

Microsoft Exec Defends Xbox One Exclusive Line-Up While Praising PS4 Games, Hypes Project Scorpio

With the Switch getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and PS4 receiving Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Gravity Rush 2 (among other exclusives), one has ...

Dragon Quest Heroes 2: Switch vs PlayStation 4

As a first look at how multi-platform development may pan out on Switch, it’s fair to say that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 probably isn’t that enlightenin...

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Looks Brutal and Epic in First Gameplay Revealing Nemesis Fortress Siege

During GDC 2017, DualShockers had a chance to check out the first gameplay from Middle-earth: Shadow of War and the new Nemesis Fortress, and here it is, in all...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt vs. Horizon Zero Dawn, Who Did it Better?

Which is the better game, Horizon Zero Dawn or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? [Source: noobfeed.com ]

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