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Xbox is Holding Back the Popularity of VR Gaming

Microsoft had a really big reveal last E3 2017 as it finally gave everyone a look at the upgraded version of the Xbox One. The console is a powerhouse to say th...

ELEX Developer Says a PS4 Pro Price Drop Could Be a Problem for the Xbox One X

ELEX studio Piranha Bytes has said that although Xbox One Xs price tag is reasonable for what it offers, a PlayStation 4 Pro price drop could be troublesome for...

SNES Classic Edition Announced by Nintendo, releases 29 September

Nintendo have announced the SNES classic edition. [Source: gamefrost.co.uk ]

Gamers Are Already Getting Their Panties in a Twist About Xbox One X 4K Texture Downloads

Rich at GameSpew: If you want breathtaking 4K experiences you need better assets, and better assets take up more space. They’re not going to fit on a disc...

Nintendo Says The Appeal Of 4K Gaming Is Too Limited To Get Into Now

It felt like the developers, execs and other talking heads at E3 2017 could barely make it through a sentence without making mention of 4K gaming. Between the c...

Will The Lost Legacy Fix Uncharted 4s Mistakes?

“I absolutely loved Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End, it was my favorite PlayStation 4 game up until I played Horizon: Zero Dawn. Somehow, Naughty Dog created an...

Only Xbox One X will download 4K assets for available games

Steve Wright — “Xbox One X consoles will be the only ones in the Xbox One family to download 4K assets for compatible games, Microsoft has today con...

Sonys Stance On Cross Platform Play Is Laughable And Archaic

Sony is on the wrong side of history. [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

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