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Is Splatoon 2 Really a Sequel?

Since it was first announced Splatoon 2 has been criticized for appearing to be nothing more than a “Splatoon Deluxe.” [Source: goombastomp.com ]

Why PC is the best place to play Mass Effect Andromeda

PS4 Pro owners are treated to a few cool extras with Mass Effect Andromeda. Next to a PC running at a true native 4K, PS4 Pro’s image quality holds up ver...

Could ‘Destiny 2’ come to Nintendo Switch?

With Destiny 2 officially real and true, everyone is asking the same question that’s been asked about every big new game in 2017: Could this one come to N...

GameStop Leaks Destiny 2 Expansions Schedule and more

GameStop did it once again, leaking two internal documents detailing Destiny 2’s schedule for the first two expansions and more info from Bungie. [Source:...

Microsoft Unveils the Xbox Deuce – The console giant drops number two [April Fools]

Ever since the original Xbox, Microsoft has dominated cutting-edge technology to bring gamers top-of-the-line experiences. Today, they announced their long-awai...

Huge Crowdfunded Project Star Citizen Gets Negative Articles Scrubbed From Web

The articles included damning testimony by ex-employees accusing the developer of misappropriating funds. [Source: heatst.com ]

These are 3 Reasons why BioWare Ended up Losing its Edge

BioWare were one of the most awarded and renown RPG creators. However, over the time their games became a subject of controversy rather than admiration. What ar...

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Awful Facial Animations Are The Result of Rampant Outsourcing

Mass Effect Andromeda has been getting really good reviews with one major exception the facial animations are absolutely terrible. Ive been watching my partner ...

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