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GG Dev – Horizon : Zero Dawn won’t have Day 1 patch

Mathijs de Jonge @Battelfield32 No, that’s the game installing on hdd, afaik. [Source: twitter.com ]

Activision teasing ‘big announcement’ for Crash Bandicoot tomorrow

Activision on Twitter: Yeah, we’re pretty excited too! Don’t miss tomorrow’s big announcement! [Source: twitter.com ]

3 Signs the Xbox One Is in Trouble

Twinfinite: “Project Scorpio is Microsofts upcoming Xbox One upgrade. Its been touted as the most powerful video game console ever made and thats all we r...

A Sexy Overwatch Playboy Magazine Has Been Taken Down By Blizzard

Today Overwatch has been undeniably been one of the most famous games, it has even won the 2016 game of the year award, it has been very popular in the gaming i...

Gears of War 4 install has ballooned to 100GB+

Microsoft really wants you guys to buy bigger SSDs. Or at least thats what it seems, as the install size of its Gears of War 4 is just going up and up. [Source:...

Horizon Zero Dawn Early Player Shares Extremely Positive Impressions; Praises Performance & Visuals

Note: no story spoilers in this article, just impressions. ThisGenGaming says “An early Horizon Zero Dawn player has revealed some very interesting impres...

Nintendo Needs to Stop Innovating and Start Surviving

The Switch is a bit too different. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Zelda’s Season Pass is Worse Than You Think

Zelda’s Season Pass, called the Expansion Pass, was revealed yesterday but one overlooked sentence in the announcement makes the deal even worse… [S...

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City Siege: Faction Island

Platforming, destruction, physics and army buildin...

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