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4 Xbox One X Upgrades Over PS4 Pro That Prove Its The Upgraded Console You Should Own

ThisGenGaming says:”The Xbox One X release date is getting closer and closer, with it releasing in less than 2 months now. Since we are getting closer to ...

The Last Of Us 2 Outbreak Day Poster Contains A Hidden Image

The Last Of US 2 recently got a new poster on Outbreak Day. The poster apparently has an hidden image which has given birth to many theories [Source: thewolfhal...

One Mans Journey From Welfare to Worlds Hottest Video Game

Bloomburg: Three years ago, Brendan Greene was on welfare in his hometown of Kildare, Ireland, getting an earful from social workers about how he should stop wa...

Forza Motorsport 7 Review: What Could Have Been I Shacknews

Another Microsoft racing gem sullied by PC port issues. [Source: shacknews.com ]

Destiny 2 Xur Items and Location for September 29-October 3, 2017

Here’s this week’s Destiny 2 Xur items and location. Hurry up and make your purchasing decisions, as he’s only here for the weekend. [Source: ...

This is Why Metroid: Samus Returns is on 3DS and Not Nintendo Switch

Game Rant’s Riley Little writes, “Game Rant speaks with Metroid: Samus Returns producer Yoshio Sakamoto, learning why Nintendo decided to bring the ...

Cuphead Review |Twinfinite

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Cuphead Review | Gamespot

Cuphead is an artistic tour de force and a brutal side-scrolling action game that pushes you to become a better player. [Source: gamespot.com ]

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