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PlayStation Needs to Let Cross-Play Happen

Cross Play among multiple platforms has been in gamer’s dreams for a long time. Only PlayStation stands in front of this idea from becoming full reality. ...

The Mummy Demastered Looks Better Than Its Source Material

The 2017 version of The Mummy may have bombed, but its video game, The Mummy Demastered, looks to be an extremely promising Metroidvania game. [Source: geekrepl...

Cyberpunk 2077 Full Details & Comparison to Witcher 3.

The designers of this diversion are from CD Projekt Red, yes they are likewise the engineers of the well-known The Witcher 3. Beforehand Cyber Punk 2077 was fir...

10 Features We Want to See with Sonys PlayStation 5

This article speculates over Sony’s possible future console, the PS5, and some desired features. [Source: ps5home.com ]

Xbox UK Invites PlayStation UK For Dinner, Gets Shot Back With Classic Savagery

Sony wants to continue the war! [Source: geeksultd.com ]

Halo 5 Xbox One X Update Detailed by 343s OConnor; Higher Res Textures But Likely Limited HDR

343 Industries Halo franchise development director, Frank Franky OConnor, has provided some additional details about the upcoming Halo 5 Xbox One X update. [Sou...

The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2017 New Poster, PS4 System Theme, and More

Today marks the day the infection in The Last of Us hit critical mass. Kick off this year’s Outbreak Day with a new The Last of Us Part II poster, a PS4 t...

GTA VI Will Likely Utilize the Power of a PS5, Arriving in 2020

A speculative article that predicts / estimates / speculates the release of GTA VI and the PS5. [Source: gamerbolt.com ]

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